This web site is being setup by Ch Ghulam Ahmed – Mahmood-e-Sani Confidant of Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat Harzrat Sahibzada Mirza Rafi Ahmed (AS); at the instance of Allah the exalted: for the purpose of exhibiting and reminding to Ahmadi brothers about some of the fundamental truths and realities of the Ahmadiyya Islam teachings as propounded in Holy Quran: Hadith and sayings of the Hazrat Maseeh Maud (AS) and unfortunately the present Nizamis (the leading office holders) have been misleading them for quite some time losing sight of the original real mission and objectives of our faith/deen. 

This message is for Ahmadiyya community worldwide.   

No separate Jam’at is to be setup and this preaching; God willingly will be till such time as Allah the exalted's Will desires and when a fairly large majority of the community has realized their mistake and corrected/amended themselves for which there are tidings given by Syedna Hazrat Maseeh Maud (AS): Syedna Hazrat Mahmood (RA): and also Syedna Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmed – Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat (AS) then all that is put in here will become the part and record of history.

Ch Ghulam Ahmed

Dt:  20 October 2009

Below are the documents which are already published for Ahmadiyya community and are summarized here for further reference.  These documents can be viewed by using Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from here.   

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