My name is Ch. Ghulam Ahmad son of Hayat Mohmaad. My age is presently over 71 years.  Religious education not obtained from any madrassh. Allah the Exalted with His Grace and Mercy inculcated its passion and generated His light in my heart and sowed the seed of His love as well of His beloved Messenger SAW in my nature and whatever effort I made for studies He blessed it with His Grace and granted comprehension; cognizance and wisdom of basic religious knowledge.

Regarding intimating about the worldly education which I always hesitate to disclose unless asked is herewith. MA, BSC, LLB. In my youth studied some what Arabic and Persian and also studied international law, psychology, philosophy and linguistics.

Worked in various commercial firms approximately for twenty five years and then setup my own business which I ran for about ten years.

My relation of love and devotion developed with Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmad Sahib in 1961 with the will of God and His grace which kept on consolidating with the passage of time till the last moment. So All praise belongs to Allah. I received much beneficence from Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmad Sahib. Repeat, all praise belongs to Allah.

During my service period and also later for the sake of my business, I traveled a lot to many countries of the world.   In 1979, by grace of Allah the exalted performed Haj. Since after demise of Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmad Sahib in January 2004 my activities as his confidant and Mahmood the II are all published and presently this is my sole mission.